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Things to do in Fujairah city

11 Cool Things to do in Fujairah

Fujairah includes a part of the United Arab Emirates’ eastern coast as well as the Hajar Mountain region. So, if you are planning a holiday in Dubai, the Emirates of Fujairah has a lot of things to visit and explore. The list is never-ending and whether you are coming with your friends or family, it’s guaranteed that you will have a gala time here. As we all know, UAE is all about the glamourous city life and Fujairah is one of the promising cities of the Emirates in terms of history, fun, and entertainment.

When talking of the Emirates, the first thing that comes to our mind is Abu Dhabi and Dubai. However, the spectacular tourist spots of Fujairah are undoubtedly worth visiting. The only problem is the Hajar Mountains that separated Fujairah from the rest of the UAE. Beautiful beaches, attractive scenery, and other things made this city a wonderland. Know more about the places you can visit in Fujairah if you are visiting UAE for the first time.

11 Things to do in Fujairah

1. Fujairah Fort

The famous Fujairah Fort is UAE’s prehistoric fort and it used to be a protective building and a dwelling for the rulers of that time. This stone structure has been standing beside the Fujairah coast for centuries. Fujairah Fort was built in 1670 and it validates the city’s ancient past. The building has three primary structures, two spherical domes, multiple halls, and a square tower.

The fort opens in the early hours of the morning for tourists and locals. If you explore the place, you will come to know about the Fujairah Heritage Village featuring how locals used to stay and the tools they used for living.

2. Snoopy Island

Love the famous cartoon character Snoopy? Well, then you must visit the most loved tourist spot Snoopy Island. It is a hub of some of the fun water sports as well as music fests. The name of the island was adopted after Snoopy, the animated dog. If you want to spend a memorable day at Snoopy Island, participate in the water sports like scuba diving, kayaking, and many more.

If you are new to scuba diving, the instructed trainers will provide you with detailed information on the rules and regulations for a safe yet fun underwater experience. However, if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the island, better stay in the beach hotels or resorts. With the Hajar Mountains as the background, Snoopy Island looks enthralling. At night, you will find people enjoying barbeque nights on Al Aqah Beach.

3. Al Bidyah Mosque

Locals call it the Ottoman Mosque, the famous Al-Bidyah Mosque is quite ancient but is the most visited mosque in UAE. The name Al-Bidyah came from the city adjacent to the mosque. You will find other tourist sites to explore near Al-Bidyah like ‘Al-Bidyah Archaeological Mosque. The entire building consists of watchtowers, an ancient demolished building, stone walls, and stray stones having beautiful engravings.

The Al-Bidyah is a normal structure highlighting the excellent craftsmanship quality that existed during that time. Non-Muslim visitors are allowed in the mosque and the prayer hall is stunningly decorated using arches.

4. Ain Al-Madhab Hot Spring

Hot springs remind us of the warm and cozy feeling that washes away all the tiredness. The Ain Al-Madhab Hot Spring is the most desired travel spot in Fujairah. It is both a beautiful mineral spa and a park safeguarding the remains of the Heritage Village and the Fujairah Fort. The warm sulphuric water is the best part of the spa and is a primary highlight. This water is carried to the bathing areas for men and women. You will also find an outdoor theatre where interesting performances are organized, especially on holidays.

5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

UAE is all about unimaginably beautiful mosques and historical structures and Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of them. It is UAE’s 2nd largest mosque. Non-Muslims are not allowed inside the mosque but you can praise its beauty from outside. This magnificent mosque is designed with sky-high minarets and 64 domes. Sheikh Zayed Mosque can easily hold about 28000 devotees. If you are well-updated about various historical mosques, then you will find similarities with Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque. With a sheer touch of the Ottoman, Modern, and Arabic building styles, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque looks absolutely stunning. You will be surprised to know that the entire structure took about 700 days to finish and is worth 200 million (Emirati currency).

6. Fujairah Museum

Who doesn’t love exploring the archaeological history of any place? If you are one of them, pay a visit to the Fujairah Museum. Here you will find an eccentric collection of belongings on UAE’s history and cultural heritage. You will spot the latest findings of the Bithna and Qidfa sites as well.

7. Friday Market

The age-old Arabian culture is almost vanishing from the Emirates, but if you still want to experience it, come to the Friday Market. Unlike the huge shopping complexes, this is different since it is an open market. Being a traditional market, it getspeople from every region. People from Masafi also come here. If you are aware of Arabian culture, definitely you will love the market. The market sells fresh and organic items. Even though locals call it a Friday market, it opens daily.

8. Bull Butting

We know that bullfighting is a renowned game in Spain, but locals in UAE enjoy this game too. The only difference is bull butting involves two bulls and Spain’s bullfighting takes place between a bull and a man. It is a family event that started during the seventeenth centuries. The sport today has become popular and is one of the key attractions for visitors. If you are coming to Fujairah don’t forget to watch bull butting.

9. Lulu Mall

To satiate your shopping spree soul, visit the famous Lulu Mall of Fujairah. Here you will find almost every international brand that exists. Apart from that, you will find delicious food joints for dining or takeaway. If you want entertainment options, explore the bowling alley, rollercoasters, ice-skating zone, and many more.

10. Century Mall

The Century Mall is considered the first shopping complex in Fujairah. Packed with perfect shopping and entertainment options, the mall features popular food joints, cafe, retail stores, a movie theatre, and an entertainment zone. The mall remains less crowded; thus, making it a perfect option for those who want to enjoy a peaceful shopping experience. Locals visit the Century Mall for grocery needs. You will find many fashion stores and retail outlets like The Body Shop, X-pressions Style, Mothercare, Eternity Style, La Vie En Rose, and many more.

11. Fujairah Tower Mall

Located at the heart of Fujairah, this mall is the home to popular retail brand outlets, restaurants for fine dining, and other things. The Fujairah Tower Complex features this shopping mall. This tower is one of the appreciable features of the city, and the space is used for commercial, retail, and residential purposes.

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