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Cool places to visit in Sharjah

16 Best Places to Visit in Sharjah You will Love

Commonly known as the Emirate’s cultural capital, Sharjah is tagged as the third substantial city after Dubai. While other cities are famous for shopping, glamorous city life, and vacay spots, Sharjah beholds its significance through various historical and cultural buildings. The mind-blowing architectural buildings, art museums, alluring mosques, famous Souks, and parks made Sharjah one of the most preferred tourist destinations of the United Arab Emirates.

The fun doesn’t end here as Sharjah is also popular for a variety of shopping outlets. Here you will find handmade rugs, aromatic spices, and even precious jewelry. Being a cultural holiday destination, almost every heritage site of Sharjah carries wonderful stories. Therefore, if you are planning to visit UAE, Sharjah should come first on your list.

1. Sharjah Art Museum

If you search for one of the biggest museums of United Arab Emirates, you will find that the Sharjah Art Museum is the most recommended one. The museum started getting its visitors in 1997. Here you will find both temporary and permanent collections of artifacts. The gallery covers a huge area that features beautiful artwork by Arab artists. You will find a separate section featuring traditional artwork from Barjeel Collection. Apart from that, you will find artworks of popular artists from the eighteenth or nineteenth century.


2. Al Qasba

Situated amidst the city, Al Qasba is the best place to visit with your family. From restaurants and entertainment areas to fun zone for kids, you will get everything to keep yourself entertained. Also, you will find other activities to try like music fountains, theatres, Abra rides, and a lot of other things. Don’t forget to visit the retail outlets if you want to experience Arabic culture closely.


3. Sharjah Aquarium

If marine life interests you, then Sharjah Aquarium is undoubtedly a must-visit. You will spot a wide variety of unseen marine species. The aquarium contains twenty tanks and while you enjoy the deep-sea life, you will get to know about the local fishes and a detailed history of Sharjah’s ports. More than a hundred unique marine species like sea rays, reef sharks, and clownfish are present in the aquarium.


4. Al Majaz Waterfront

Want a perfect family tourist spot in Sharjah? The the Al Majaz Waterfront is definitely a worth-mentioning place to visit. Al Majaz Waterfront is loaded with exciting activities like miniature golf and dining restaurants. If you are coming to Dubai with your friends, you must not miss out on the concerts, various festivals, or events held here. It is one of the key attractions and the beauty of high reaching water of the Sharjah Musical Fountain will definitely embed in your head and heart.


5. Sharjah National Park

Undoubtedly a worth-mentioning sport of Sharjah, the Sharjah National Park should be on your bucket list when traveling to Dubai. Although it was initially considered a public park, the National Park offers a lot of attractive benefits. The entire park has been designed by experts that highlight the uniformity of the traditional European styles and Arabian architecture.


6. Arabian Wildlife Center

The famous Arabian Wildlife Center is a renowned tourist spot and it is positioned on the Sir Bani Yas Island. The wildlife center is a home to almost 17,000 animals. It is a perfect place for families and people who believe in enjoying a wanderlust life. The Arabian Wildlife Center United Arab Emirate’s largest natural island. It is a haven for endangered birds and animals. You will spot many free-roaming animals like Oryx, Ostrich, Giraffe, and various other animals. Apart from uncountable unique birds and animals, you will find native flora and fauna.


7. Sharjah Science Museum

The primary intention behind structuring the Sharjah Museum was to inculcate science and tech knowledge in people. Here, you will find interesting methods of exhibiting various science experiments. Kids will also have a good time here as there are various entertainment options. A kid’s playground and on-site planetarium are also present so that they can explore the Universe in detail. Once you are done, you can try delicious snacks at the cafeterias nearby.


8. Central Souq (Blue Souq)

If you are a shopaholic, then Blue Souq is undoubtedly the best marketplace to visit in Sharjah. From attractive souvenirs to Arabian handicraft items, you will find a lot of unique items to buy for your friends and family. It is more like a shopping place decorated with beautiful blue tiles; thus, the name Blue Souk. You will spot over six hundred shops selling various items and the shopping complex is divided into two sections.The shopping complex sells designer clothing items and gold jewelry, perfumes, electronics, and food items. The ground floor is dedicated to gold jewelry and designer outfits and the first floor is filled with Tibetan and Afghanistan carpets and knick-knacks.


9. Sharjah Art Foundation

Sharjah’s Art Foundation is a massive platform for all contemporary artists. Famous artists from all over the world unveil their artwork in various exhibitions organized here. The art foundation was built with the intention of instigating the significance of art and literature in locals of UAE and tourists from across the globe. Every year various art and literature programs are organized here. The Art Foundation was built in Sharjah to support various artist communities throughout the world. You will find top-notch artworks, film screenings, and art exhibitions here that can fascinate tourists.


10. Sharjah Discovery Centre

An educational-entertainment zone, the Sharjah Discovery Centre is solely for kids between four to twelve years. Visit here with your little one and give them the opportunity to have a realistic understanding of the world and technology. The Discovery Centre is a secure zone where kids can reveal different science and tech secrets while enjoying in the playful surrounding. There are seven sections in the Centre for a better understanding of specific areas. Kids will find something that will excite their budding brains.


11. Sharjah Archaeology Museum

We all know that Sharjah is the cultural city of UAE and is rich in bewitching history. If you want to dig deeper about the city, visit the Sharjah Archaeology Museum. Here you will find priceless preserved archaeological records that will take you back to the history of the city. You will find other sections that will enlighten you about the Stone Age, Iron Age, Bronze Age, and Greater Arabia. The architectural beauty like the ceramic dome, Golden bridle, and camel statue will amaze you. Kids will find interesting games to keep themselves entertained.


12. Buhaira Corniche

Buhaira Corniche is yet another popular attraction of Sharjah located near Khaled Lake. It’s a park that locals visit for jogging and other activities. With peaceful surroundings, it is definitely a perfect spot to relax away from the city crowd.


13. Al Noor Mosque

Al Noor Mosque is a stately building to visit if you are in Sharjah. It is located close to Buhaira Corniche and is open for people having different religious backgrounds. It was constructed in 2005 by Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. The mosque accommodates almost 2000 worshippers. The name ‘Noor’ is an Arabic word, which means light, and the mosque justifies the word in every way. AL Noor made its way to the Guinness World Record due to the huge charity box that collects donations for Ramadan.


14. Sharjah Heritage Area

Sharjah Heritage Area is made up of different museums- Al Hisn Sharjah, Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, Al Midfaa House, and a souk Al Asra Souk. The major attraction of the museum is the huge wind tower. It was earlier used to prevent Arabians from heatwaves. You will find interesting historical facts in the museum that are quite fascinating.


15. Al Noor Island

Ever heard about an island having avant-garde art and sculptures?The Al Noor Island is structured on the Khalid Lagoon. It can be accessed through the bridge connecting Corniche Street. While preparing a bucket list for Dubai, make sure to include Sharjah’s Al Noor Island, especially if you want to relax amidst all the shopping and exploring the museums. Visitors will find a unique blend of modern artistry and carvings designed by some of the world-famous artists across the world.


16. Sharjah Desert Park

Did you hear about a desert that is filled with entertainment opportunities? The reason behind the popularity of the Sharjah Desert Park is due to its uniqueness. It is more like an infotainment zone and is separated into three sections- Arabian Wildlife Centre, Natural History Museum, and Children’s Farm. If you love finding out about exotic flowers and plants, this is definitely a worth-visiting spot.


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