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Best Sharjah Tour Packages  

Visit the land of sand and sun to enjoy an exotic holiday. Get our Sharjah tour packages to revitalize yourself. Dubai is undoubtedly a dream holiday destination for many. Every year millions of people visit Dubai to appreciate the ‘Land of Brilliance.’ However, the Emirates is hiding many unexplored gems, and Sharjah is one of them.

Sharjah rests in the Arabian Gulf and is known as the “Cultural Capital of the Nation.” Unlike Dubai, it is peaceful, soothing, and conservative. Furthermore, it practices various Emirati customs. Besides, the city emits authentic Arabic charm, which is fascinating. Hence, you can say that the Sharjah tour packages will take you through the customs and traditions of Emirati culture.

The specialty of the Sharjah tour packages

We have travel experts who carefully tailor Sharjah tour packages. Therefore, it will help in satiating the wandering soul in you. Booking our tour packages will allow you to enjoy Sharjah’s true Emirati spirit.

We also include luxurious accommodation, swift transfers, travel tips, and exclusive sightseeing experiences. Therefore, you will enjoy the trip stress-free.

What is the best time to book Sharjah tour packages?

You can visit Sharjah any time of the year. However, the unpleasant hot weather might become an issue. Therefore, book your packages during winter (November-March). Winters are pleasant in the Emirates. Thus, you can explore the city without facing the intolerable heat.

What are the iconic attractions to visit using the Sharjah tour packages?

Our Sharjah tour package covers the coveted spots in the city. You can visit the art and architectural wonders and markets. In addition, you can even tailor your own tour package. You can add the icons you want to explore.

Although Sharjah features a traditional vibe, it boasts some fun elements. The perfect combination of culture, modernism, and tradition is mesmerizing. Furthermore, mind-blowing architectural work, lip-smacking delicacies, and involvement in modern-day art are spellbinding.

  • The Archaeology Museum of Sharjah

Visit the beautiful Archaeology Museum of Sharjah. The amaze-worthy collection of artifacts on display is informative. It will take you to the past era of the Emirates. Besides, there are different sections- Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Greater Arabia. Hence, these made the museum one of the must-visit places in Sharjah.

  • Blue Souk

Our Sharjah tour packages include a visit to the Blue Souk. Blue Souk features over 600 shops selling perfumes, electronics, jewelry, and other items. Take a look at how the locals bargain while you stroll inside.


What are the popular shops to visit in Sharjah?

Some popular shops in Sharjah are Al Jubai Souk, Al Arsah Souk, Central Souk, Blue Souk, Al Juma Souk, and Saqr Souk.

Want to shop from Sharjah?

Sharjah is more like the UAE’s cultural hub. Therefore, you mostly find local and handmade goods. You can buy carpets, perfumes, carpets, local spices, etc.

Are there any malls in Sharjah?

You will find luxurious malls in Sharjah, like the Mega Mall, Sahara Center, Safer Mall, City Center Mall, and Ansar Mall.