Water Sports Dubai

Water Sports in Dubai

Are you looking for some exciting activities in Dubai? Well, why not indulge in some exciting water sports activities. You can choose from a whole bunch of activities like sailing, paddleboard, and kayaking. These activities will give you hours of fun. Do not worry about your safety as you will be accompanied by trained professionals with years of experience.

The Yellow Boats Dubai
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Flyboard Dubai
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Flyboard Dubai

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Parasailing in Dubai
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Scuba Diving Dubai

Scuba Diving Dubai

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All these fun water sports happens near the Arabian Gulf in addition to the regular water sports we also offer scuba diving, jet skiing, fly fishing, banana boat tour, and yellow boat tour. We have packages of all kinds, all you need to do is get in touch with us and we will get you started up with an activity of your choice. You also have the liberty to combine one or more activities in a single package. So, you have realized by now that the possibilities are endless and you can make your stay in Dubai a memorable one by indulging in some of these water sports.

Dubai is the home to both water sports and adventure sports. Due to this reason, the ‘City of Gold’ is a hopeful tourist destination for all adventure seekers. If you are planning a holiday in Dubai, don’t forget to try the exciting water sports. Make glorious moments with your loved ones in the city. Some interesting water sports in Dubai that tourists enjoy include jet skiing, paragliding, kayaking, and parasailing. After all, you have only one life and is better to make every second worth living. The water activities are quite affordable and will make your Dubai trip memorable. Let us know about some amazing water sports to try.


Don’t want to rush, then you might think about trying parasailing. Both parasailing and paragliding are some of the best experiences you should not miss. A special parachute will be attached to you, and as soon as the boat speeds up, the parachute will start flying. Once you reach atop, the breathtaking panoramic view of the cityscape is a treat to your eyes. When the parachute rises, the feeling of adrenaline rush will make you feel alive.

Jet Skiing

Are you searching for some worth remembering water sports activities to try in Dubai? Yes, then try your hands on Jet Skiing. You will come across many jet ski rental companies, especially near the beaches. It is undoubtedly the perfect activity for adults as well as kids. The minimum age required is 14. Also, don’t forget to click some photographs to make your entire experience memorable.

Speed Boating

If you want to take your entire family on a fun water activity, speed boating is the best idea. The speedboat will take you on a joyride so that you can witness the stunning Dubai beachfront. Also, the entire tour will let you view some famous Dubai landmarks. It is a safe activity; thus, it became one of the best water sports activities in Dubai. The real-life experience will let you cherish the fond memories of the activity.

Fly Fishing

One of the most demanding water activities in Dubai, Flyfish is quite fascinating. The JBR beach arranges fly fishing, and you will notice the speedboats guiding the inflatables. The inflatables are different and come in E-shape. You will love when the wind brushes against your face while flying in the sky. Fly fishing is undoubtedly one of the most affordable aqua sports to try if you seek adventure.


Looking at superheroes flying in the sky used to fascinate us in our childhood. If you want to experience the same, make sure to try Flyboarding. You have to stand on a jetpack, having a motor that will force you to rise in the sky. An instructor will train you so that you can learn the entire mechanism. So, your dream of flying in the sky will be fulfilled.


One of the favorite water sports activities in Dubai, it is a surfers’ paradise. You will be attached to a waterboard, which will remain attached to a parachute. The wind will harness the parachute, and the fun will be exhilarating. Besides, unlike other water activities, kitesurfing is quite easy to learn.


As we all know, the very beautiful Atlantis Palm Hotel is one of the prominent attractions not just in Dubai, but it gained popularity across the globe. Aquarium Diving became the most-loved water activity by locals and tourists as you get the opportunity to explore underwater marine life. It is the biggest aquarium and is home to over 70,000 marine animals like sharks, reefs, fishes, and manta rays. You will get uncountable diving packages for experts and beginners. The feeling of swimming with colorful fishes and beautiful manta rays is impossible to describe in words.

Swimming with dolphins

You will find exciting water activities in Dubai, but don’t miss spending time with the adorable dolphins. Dubai Dolphinarium is the place to be to have such fun. Witness the extraordinary performance of the seals and dolphins. Located in Creek Park, you will find bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and about 19-20 different unique parrot species. Although it is not an adventure water sport but is definitely an ideal experience for kids and adults.


What is the best time in Dubai to enjoy water sports?

The ideal time to enjoy water sports in Dubai is from March to April. The temperature remains suitable during these months.

Which beaches arrange water sports in Dubai?

A few renowned beaches in Dubai that arrange water sports include Sunset Beach, Palm Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, La Mer, and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Are water sports safe in Dubai?

Yes, water sports are safe in Dubai only if you follow the provided guidelines.

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