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Quad Biking Tour
Quad Biking Tour

Best Quad Biking Tour in Dubai

Dubai’s vast desert with its golden sand dunes is the perfect venue for some adrenaline thumping off-road riding sports. If you are an adventure junkie and enjoy thrills and exhilarations, we just have a ride for you. Hop aboard a quad bike and zoom through the unending desert plain up and down the slopes of the sand dunes. Do pay attention during a brief session on instructions about maneuvering your quad bike delivered by an expert. You’ll also be told about how to ride the bike safely. 


Quad Bike 350 CC 30 min Ride
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Quad Bike 350 CC 30 min Ride

AED 300

Get into one of the fully automatic ATV quad bikes and go zipping through the desert to enjoy an unbridled thrill. Every moment of the ride on one of these fast and swift quad bikes is thoroughly enjoyable—a perfect outing for lovers of exotic off-beat adventure. We will kick things off by picking you up from your accommodation in Dubai or Sharjah. After you reach the desert, you stand in the theater of your adventure quad bike ride.

You may choose to go solo or take along your companion on a fast rush through the desert on a roaring quad bike. Stop by for a while to capture amazing snaps of the desert. Few other places come with the serenity and desolation of the desert. It’s a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Quad biking is a very popular off-road adventure sport enjoyed by youngsters. If you have the stomach for fast speed, swift twists and turns, don’t forget to have a go at quad biking in the Dubai Desert.

What makes quad biking even more popular is that no prior driving experience is needed. Since they have four wheels, you don’t need to balance them either. Quad biking is therefore accessible to all youngsters with a decent level of fitness. After you have enjoyed your riding session, you shall be taken to desert camp inspired by the Bedouins where you can enjoy rich Arabian coffee and juicy dates.

Points to Note

  • The responsibility of the safety and well being of children under 3 years old shall rest on their parents. Parents have the option of carrying their children on their laps
  • It’s best to turn up in comfortable cotton clothes suitable for the summers. Please bring along a jacket during the winters. Do come prepared with enough sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching sun. Use shades to protect your eyes and headgear to cover your head
  • Safety is always a priority. You are therefore urged to be attentive during the briefing session even if you are an ace driver
  • To go on a solo ride, a minimum age of 14 is a must

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What’s the procedure involved in going for a quad biking session in the Dubai desert?

You’ve only got to make a booking with us. You may reach out to us by making a call or simply texting us on WhatsApp.

  • Is it safe to go quad biking?

It’s absolutely safe. Be sure to stick to the instructions delivered during the briefing session. In addition, the authorities are very strict about safety and the operators ensure that all safety guidelines are adhered to. The quad bikes are also maintained in good condition.

  • What kind of clothing is appropriate for quad biking?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that allow unrestrained limb movement. Use footwear that covers the whole foot so they stay protected from the sand.

  • Is possessing a driving license necessary to go for a quad biking session?

No, there’s no need to possess a driving license. It’s not necessary to know how to drive either.