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Blue Souk Sharjah

Blue Souk in Sharjah

Taste the true Arabian culture at the Blue Souk. Perched on the captivating shores of the Khalid Lagoon, it is perfect to enjoy a day filled with retail therapy. Did you know that the Blue Souk is also known as the Sharjah Central Souk? It is more like a local market where you have the freedom to haggle with the sellers. The market is a one-stop destination for everything- gold jewelry, accessories, gifts, souvenirs, etc.

Quick Overview of Blue Souk

The Central Souk is the biggest attraction of Sharjah. Therefore, the market should be your first destination if you are planning a day out in the city. The gorgeous blue tiles gave it an eye-catchy look. Moreover, the blue tiles led to the name Blue Souk. Besides, the marvelous architecture of the building looks astonishing, with a rare combination of modern and traditional touches. Furthermore, Islamic architectural work is truly a praiseworthy feature. Besides, it is easily recognizable, which made it one of the famed landmarks in the city.

If you are a décor expert, the Blue Souk will surely surprise you with its mind-blowing features and intricate work. Furthermore, two similar buildings connected by a bridge look absolutely out of the world. Moreover, you will find approximately 600 shops, where you can buy your favorite items.

The renowned British architects Micheal Lyle and Partners are the geniuses behind structuring this market. They followed the rules set by members of the Supreme Council and Sharjah’s ruler- His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi.

Therefore, get ready to flex your bargaining muscles and step inside the alleys of this traditional Arab market. Moreover, you will get attractive offers and discounts, if you have expert bargaining skills. You will get authentic traditional goods from these shops. Hence, you can expect to buy some exclusive souvenirs as well.

Things to expect at the Blue Souk

The Blue Souk introduces the buyers to an authentic Middle Eastern experience. Besides, the vibrant colors of the market are spellbinding. Visiting the market during the early hours (in the morning) will give you a sense of excitement. Therefore, experience the true essence of Arabian Bazaars here. There is a full-day Sharjah city tour available on our website. Furthermore, you can visit during the night to witness how the market transforms into a small glamorous mall.

Shops to explore in the Blue Souk

The market is divided into two floors with over 600 different shops. You can buy things like:

  • Clothing items,
  • Local trinkets,
  • Modern watches,
  • Gold jewelry, and other things.

The first floor of the market is covered with shops selling handmade carpets, kilims, handwoven textile goods, Arabic art, and craft items, etc.

What is the best time to visit?

You can visit the market from Saturday to Thursday (6.30 am- 10.30 pm) and Friday (6 am- 11.30 am and 1 pm- 11 pm).


What is the exact location of the Blue Souk?

This famous market of Sharjah is situated between King Faisal Road and Khalid Lagoon (near Al Ittihad Square).

What can I buy from Blue Souk?

The Blue Souk sells A-Z, including traditional Arabic gift items to modern-day outfits and gadgets. However, other popular items you can buy include carpets, gold jewelry, Bedouin jewelry, Attar, and chess boards.

How to reach the Blue Souk from Sharjah’s main city?

You can get public buses or cabs to reach the Blue Souk from the main city.

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