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Heritage Desert Safari


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What makes this Desert Safari so exciting? Well, first we organize it and we take all the necessary steps to make sure that you have a wonderful time. We will give you an experienced guide who is fluent in Arabic and English. While escorting you on this desert safari, the guide will also fill you in with valuable information on the fauna, flora, and lifestyle of the Bedouin Tribe. So, this trip is entertaining and educational at the same time. Do you want to know more? Keep reading.

A Brief Overview Of The Heritage Desert Safari

This desert safari will give you the golden opportunity to view a majestic sunset in the desert. So, if you love taking photographs keep your camera ready and click away. During the evening, you will be treated to an Arabian dinner. After you have concluded dinner you will get the chance to watch entertaining shows like Drumming and Yola. Guests are also allowed to participate in the drumming if they want.

What Is Good About This Desert Safari?

We let you customize your trip, which is a huge plus point. We offer you Land Rover, which is the ideal vehicle for your one-hour desert safari. There is no doubt that you may feel like a bedouin while taking a ride on the camel, which is a huge part of Arabian culture.

If you want to stay in the desert a bit longer then we can arrange suitable accommodation with appropriate bedding. As an add-on, you can opt for an air-hot balloon ride, and then you can return to the heritage camp for some gourmet breakfast.


  • You will be returned to your hotel by 11.30 pm.
  • You will be treated to entertaining shows like Yola and drumming
  • The tour includes a sumptuous 4-course dinner
  • On your arrival, you will receive dates and coffee
  • Falcon show

Things To Keep In Mind For The Heritage Desert Safari

  • We tend to keep the number of guests to 100 people
  • Most of our vehicles can have ten people at one go
  • If women are pregnant for six months and beyond then they should not come for this tour
  • The camp will have bathrooms
  • The tour does include dinner and if you have any food allergies you need to inform us well in advance
  • Kids who fall in the age group of 5 to 11 years will have to pay child rates
  • You need to make bookings three hours in advance if you book online
  • The weather can be very warm during the day so it is better if you carry comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • We will provide you with suitable air-conditioned transportation

Rules Regarding Overnight Stay

  • Make sure that you wear clothes that are comfortable clothes for an overnight stay we do not provide any air-conditioners in the room
  • The camp turns off its power when the evening gets close. The rooms will have suitable bedding and a spacious bed
  • You are not allowed to get big suitcases for the overnight stay
  • We conduct pest control regularly to keep our guests safe

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