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Fujairah East Coast Tour from Dubai


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Whoever told you that Dubai is just known for its bustling roads, tall buildings, and shopping malls has just presented the tip of the iceberg to you. Dubai is so much more than just a modern city it has a rich natural beauty that beckons for a visit. The best way to see the natural beauty of Dubai is to sign up for the East Coast Tour. Do you want to know more about this wonderful tour? Great, let us get started. Keep reading as we reveal interesting details of this tour that are sure to grab your attention.

An Overview Of The East Coast Tour From Dubai

This tour is perfect for exploring the different archeological sites, historic locations, and the different mountainous terrains. This tour will take you to Fujairah the smallest city in the Emirates, but at the same time, it has the best scenic locations.  The city has the magnificent Hajar mountain, with its contrasting backdrop.  The tour will take you through the secluded coastline and beautiful landscape.

What Are The Activities Of The Tour

The best thing about this tour is that it will take you to the Oasis of Sharjah, Masafi, and Al Dhaid. Your itinerary will also take you to an old mosque in Bidya. Visit Friday Market where you can get many different items.

The tour then heads towards Heritage Village which showcases the history of UAE. You will also get the chance to stop at a beautiful beach called Khorfakan where you can indulge in swimming and other water activities. After this, you will be escorted for lunch where you can enjoy the food of your choice.


  • The tour prices include Pick up and drop off from your Hotel
  • Lunch
  • Friday Market
  • Khorfakkan Beach
  • Fujairah Museum
  • Fujairah Fort
  • Bidiya Mosque
  • A nice drive in the mountains

Why Should Someone Select This Tour

If you love taking the offbeat route, this is the tour for you as you get to experience the traditions and culture of the UAE. Children who are below three years are not charged anything at all. You will be given an experienced guide who has a lot of knowledge of the local history and traditions and they speak fluent English too. You will also have the option of combining this tour with a city tour of Dubai and a city tour of Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of places to visit in UAE and this tour is certainly worth the money.

Important Information On  This Tour

  • We are not responsible in any way if a particular attraction is not available on this tour
  • We will not issue refunds for services that are not availed to the fullest
  • It would be best if you carried light luggage on this tour
  • There may be certain days when specific places may stay closed
  • You must provide accurate details of your location to facilitate smooth transfers
  • We offer to pick up service from hotels that are located centrally

Policies On Cancellation

  • If we feel that you should get a refund then the same will be transferred to your account in 7 business days
  • If you decide to cancel with us 24 within the departure time  then you will  have to pay the full amount as a cancellation
  • If you make a cancellation before 24 hours of your departure then you will not have to pay any charges for canceling

Policies On Children

  • Children more than 10 years will have to pay adult rates
  • Children who fall between 3 and  10 will have  to pay a child rate

Children under 3 years of age do not have  to pay any fee

Fujairah East Coast Tour FAQs

Q: What is the Fujairah East Coast Tour?

A: The Fujairah East Coast Tour is a guided tour of the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, starting from Fujairah and covering popular destinations like Khorfakkan, Dibba, and Al Aqah. The tour is designed to give you an immersive experience of the natural beauty, culture, and history of the region. The Fujairah East Coast Tour showcases the stunning natural beauty of the United Arab Emirates’ east coast. It shows you the Emirates beyond its luxury and glamour. This tour removes the misconception existing among many that visiting the Emirates is no more than witnessing Dubai’s skyline and enjoying the many thrilling activities the Emirates has on offer. The Fujairah East Coast Tour shows visitors how the land of the Emirates is blessed with spectacular scenic beauty.

Q: How long does the tour last?

A: The tour typically lasts for around 8-9 hours, depending on the itinerary and the time taken at each destination. We start early in the morning to make the most of the day. It takes so long since a lot of destinations are covered. Moreover, the tour includes visits to mountains and valleys and other places of natural beauty. It’s essential that enough time is set aside for the tour so that the guests can admire the scenic beauty of the places. Such vast places need time to be covered and admired well. Hence, the Fujairah East Coast Tour is a whole-day affair.

Q: What should I wear on the tour?

A: We recommend wearing comfortable and modest clothing, as the tour includes visits to religious sites like the Al Badiyah Mosque. Make it a point not to wear any revealing outfits as that shall hurt local sensibilities. It’s also a good idea to wear sunscreen and a hat, especially if visiting during the summer season. You should carry a pair of sunglasses as well.

Q: What language is the tour conducted in?

A: Since many of the guests are native English speakers, the tour is conducted in English. However, we can provide guides who speak other languages upon request. Since the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a very popular tourist destination, the nation keeps seeing a regular inflow of tourists from many parts of the world. As such, guides who speak languages other than English are available as well.

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