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The Escape Hunt Experience Dubai Tickets



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Are you up for a little adventure? Then welcome to the Escape Hunt Dubai Tickets. This is one activity you are going to love to the fullest. This place is inside Galleria Mall and it is not hard to locate. This is your ultimate destination for the best entertainment that comes in the form of puzzle-solving games. The good thing is that the games are really engaging so you and your friends are going to be thrilled to the fullest. This place has more than one Escape room and each of them has its own theme. This center was first started in Bangkok in the year 2013 and soon it opened up branches in Dubai and across the globe. The good thing about this place is that it has games for people of all age groups.

Get together with your friends, end enjoys mind-boggling games, look for clues, and get out of difficult situations. Are you eager to know more about this fabulous place? Read on as we will divulge important details.

A Brief Overview Of The Activity

In this place, you will have access to kinds of Escape rooms, the Sinner and Paranormal. In the paranormal room, you will have the opportunity to feel what it is like to witness paranormal activity. The Sinner room will be filled with ghosts and ghouls who will come for you and you have to dodge them. Every room has its unique set of puzzles that you will love to solve with your friends and improve your skills on how to get through tough situations.

What Not To Miss

Prison Breakout is one attraction that is not to miss under any circumstances. The theme has a 1970s tinge to it, where you find yourself in a prison. The game is that every hour one prisoner keeps getting taken away by the guard. So, you have to break out before it happens to you. The game is very challenging and thrilling. So, be sure that you book your tickets with us early in order to avoid disappointment.

Some Additional Tips

  • Book with us as that will save you the trouble of standing in the line
  • You must maintain adequate distance from the other players
  • Visitors are requested to carry proper and valid documents proving their identities
  • There have to be at least two participants for this activity
  • You cannot carry objects like knives, alcohol, luggage, lighter or sharp items
  • The instructor may remove participants who do not fit in with the game settings
  • People who have PTSD, Asthma, and anxiety should not participate in this activity

What Are The Timings

  • This entertainment center remains open on all days from 11.30 am in the morning till 10 pm

Our Confirmation Policy

  • If you decide to cancel before your booking is confirmed then we will give you a complete refund
  • If you have selected a slot that is not available then we will assign a suitable alternative
  • You will receive a confirmation from us in one working hour

Our Cancellation Policy

  • Tickets once issued cannot be canceled and no refund will be provided to the customer


Can I Discontinue My Game If I am Not Comfortable?

Yes, we allow our guests to exit if they are not comfortable with the game settings, but the chances are that you will be so engaged in the game that you may never end up leaving.

Is Outside Food Allowed?

No, you may not bring any outside food. The activity is fast-paced and you will not have any time for consuming food.

Is This A Family-Friendly Activity?

Yes absolutely, this place is ideal for families to come and have a good time together. For kids, the minimum age is 6 years to participate in this activity.

Are The Activities Safe In This Place?

Yes, we have trained professionals who supervise the game at all times so you can come here without any hesitation…

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