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Sharjah Corniche

Sharjah Corniche

Sharjah Corniche, also known as ‘Buhaira Corniche,’ is a must-visit place in Sharjah. Want to enjoy captivating city views? It will treat your eyes for sure. Spread along the marvelous Khalid Lake, it is the most loved tourist spot.

Adorned with attractive facilities, it is one of the most peaceful locations in the city. A well-maintained jogging track, cycling trails, and a park- what else do you need to spend a relaxing time with your loved ones? Spending an evening in the Corniche means you will crave evening snacks. Therefore, you will spot a few food joints and roadside eateries selling local delicacies. Hence, you can say the Buhaira Corniche is also a foodie’s paradise.

Furthermore, Al Noor Mosque is an icon of the Sharjah Corniche connected by a footbridge. Therefore, it is the perfect spot to spend a tranquil evening away from the city buzz.

Things to Do at Sharjah Corniche

1. Visit the Al Noor Mosque

This majestic Ottoman-style Mosque is one of the noteworthy attractions of the Sharjah Corniche. It is famous as the ‘Mosque of Light’ and proudly stands along the Khalid Lagoon. Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed al Qassimi built the mosque on the order of his wife.

Built-in 2005, the mosque can accommodate 2200 devotees and allows non-Muslim visitors. Besides, the m features a separate male and female prayer hall. Furthermore, the look of the mosque is inspired by the charming architectural design of the Turkish Ottoman and elements from Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

The exteriors showcase cascading domes (34 total)-one of the remarkable features. It’s elegant beauty and overall design will spellbind you (photography allowed).

2. Al Noor Island

The gorgeous Al Noor Island is a much-loved spot. It is a peaceful oasis situated amidst the chaotic city. The island got its recognition after the alluring Al Noor Mosque and the mystical lightning decorations, Butterfly and Literature Pavilion, made the island the most-hyped place.

The designs look similar to a sanctuary and won many awards. Additionally, the ubiquitous wave crashing sound is literally calming. Besides, the green surroundings and enchanting environment is perfect to take a break from this mundane world.

3. Al Majaz Park

Enriched with a miniature golf course and restaurants, Al Majaz Park is another family-friendly destination in the city. Every year, the park hosts exclusive concerts, festivals, and events. However, the signature of the park is the riveting Sharjah Musical Fountain. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi, a massive parking spot, etc.

Entry Fee?

The entry fee of Sharjah Corniche depends on the activities you want to try.

Best time to Visit Buhaira Corniche

The Sharjah Corniche is open for visitors throughout the year. However, November to March is the best time due to the pleasant weather. Also, visit during the evening to enjoy a charming view of the surroundings.

How to reach Buhaira Corniche?

  • By bus

You can catch public buses that will drop you at the Sharjah Corniche. However, if you are coming from Abu Dhabi, you must avail of the government buses. It takes approximately 2 hours to reach. Similarly, it will take more than an hour from Dubai.

  • By car

Cabs are also available as the Buhaira Corniche has a good connection with the rest of the city. It takes 30 minutes to reach by cab when coming from Dubai.

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