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Want to relive your childhood with your kids? Legoland is the ideal place to achieve that. This park is very unique as it offers Lego buildings, shows, water slides, and more than 60 exciting rides. Go through the different zones of the theme park name Miniland, Kingdoms, Adventure, Imagination, and Lego City. Do you wish to know what we have in store for you? Then keep reading.

Get The Superior Experience

This is the first Lego theme park in the Middle East. The park is a testament to how Dubai has incorporated modern technology. The park is divided into 6 different zones, you will have the opportunity to also brush shoulders with some of your most loved characters, brilliant is not? Last but not least entertain yourself with the magic of a 4-D cinema.

What Can You Do Inside The Theme Park?

The entire park has 6 interesting zones with different rides and it is guaranteed that these rides will keep you excited all the way.

  1. Factory

In This zone, you will be briefed on the process through which the Lego bricks are manufactured. This zone also has a huge Lego store from where you can buy items of your choice.

  1. Miniland

This zone will have micro mini versions of some popular buildings in the UAE built totally out of Lego bricks. Once you look at them it will seem that you are getting an aerial view of an actual city. It is quite a magnificent sight indeed.

  1. Kingdoms

This zone has interactive games that your kids will enjoy to the fullest. Games such as Dragons’ Apprentice and Merlin’s Challenge will keep your children excited throughout the day.

  1. Adventure

Here you can see fabulous attractions such as Center Aquarium, Adventure Camp, Submarine Adventure, Kingdom Adventure, and Wave Racers.

  1. Imagination

What is so good about this Zone? Well, this is the place that has the rollercoaster, and robotics, and also you get to construct a car using Lego bricks.

  1. Lego City

This Zone is a lot of fun as kids get a chance to take on the roles of professionals such as sailors, fighter jet pilots, or driving an automobile.  

Things To Keep In Mind Before Visiting Legoland Dubai Theme Park

  • All people who are traveling from foreign countries must have their passports on them
  • Children who are less than 13 years of age have to be accompanied by a person who is more than 18 years
  • Tickets once booked cannot be cancelled
  • Your ticket will only be valid for the visit on the day selected by you
  • If the slot selected by you is not available then we will give you a suitable alternative

Our Policies On Confirmation

  • If you select a slot that is unavailable for certain reasons then we will arrange a suitable alternative at the earliest
  • You will receive a confirmation from our end in one business hours 

Our Policies On Refunds

  • If you cancel your ticket after receiving confirmation then you will be charged the full amount as a cancellation fee
  • If you cancel your ticket before you receive confirmation then you will get a full refund

Legoland Dubai Theme Park Tickets FAQs

1. Is outside food allowed inside the park?

None of the visitors can carry outside food in Legoland or the waterpark. However, baby foods and special diet foods are allowed for kids. Besides, each visitor has to go through bag checks, and food will be confiscated if found. You will spot many food joints and restaurants inside the park to try fulfilling meals.

2. What are the things to carry when visiting Legoland Dubai?

Since the park opens during the daytime, it is essential to carry sunscreen, caps, and sunglasses to protect yourself from tanning. Moreover, you need to carry a few documents, like a valid ID proof or your passport to get entry to the park. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera to click some memorable pictures.

3. Is photography allowed inside Legoland?

Legoland is a never-before experience for kids and adults. Therefore, if you are coming with your friends or parents, you must enjoy it. Click tons of selfies and photographs of the surroundings.

4. Do I need to pay anything extra for the rides?

If you book our Legoland tickets, you won’t have to pay extra for the rides. Moreover, you can try the rides as many times as you want.

5. What are the popular attractions of Legoland?

  • Sea Port- Featuring a marine theme, Sea Port lets the kids play, crawl, climb, and bond with their fellow players. Besides, the feeling of sailing cargo ships and guarding boats is too much fun.
  • Police Headquarters- It is a mini police station where you will spot police items made using Legos. Kids here can become the police and prepare themselves to catch thieves.
  • Build and test- As the name suggests, Build and Test allow kids to make their race cars using Lego pieces. Once made, they can ride the car on the built tracks.

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