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Dubai’s scorching heat gets to you at times and that’s when you are left yearning for a break. An ideal destination to escape Dubai’s heat is the latest feather in the city’s cap, the Chillout Ice Lounge. Gifted to the city by the Sharaf Group, it’s the Middle East’s first ice lounge. After you arrive at the lobby of the Chillout Ice Lounge, you are prepared for the icy environs that lie ahead. You have to put on a hooded parka, disposable woolen gloves, and if needed, a pair of warm shoes as well. For the purpose of acclimatization, you are to spend a few moments at the buffer zone where the temperature is maintained at a steady 5 degrees Celsius.

Chillout is no less than a marvel in refrigeration technology that has brought Dubai where temperatures regularly soar to 48 degrees Celsius a hangout zone where you can experience sub-zero temperatures. Add to that the uniqueness of its architecture which combines steel, ice, and glass and you have a place that’s a must on your bucket list. Enjoy the icy cool ambiance enhanced by the diffused lighting which keeps changing colors regularly as it passes through blocks of ice to create a mesmerizing effect. The creators have indeed put a lot of thought and innovative ideas into the making of the Chillout Ice Lounge giving Dubai a gem it can be proud of.

The cuisine served at the Chillout Ice Lounge is absolutely mouthwatering. Do try the hot soups, juices, cappuccino, barbecues, hot chocolates, sandwiches, tea, desserts, and mocktails on your visit. It’s the first ice lounge in the entire world to serve hot food and beverages.

The Highlights

  • Take a break from Dubai’s heat in the Middle East’s only ice lounge
  • The lounge’s lighting and interior design make the place a sight to behold
  • You are received a complimentary welcome drink

The Inclusions

  • A complimentary welcome drink
  • Thermal clothing that includes a parka with a hood, woolen gloves, and shoes with socks if required

Things to Know Before You Go

  • We advise you not to take infants younger than 1 year old to the lounge
  • While all guests are provided thermal clothing, it’s advisable that you wear clothes that have your legs covered since guests are provided thermal trousers
  • You are advised to spend a few minutes at the buffer zone where temperatures are kept at 5 degrees Celsius. It helps you acclimatize to the lounge’s sub-zero temperatures

Points to Note

  • For a full refund on cancellation, please cancel at least 24 hours before the visit is scheduled
  • You can make your bookings without paying them which allows you flexibility in planning

Meeting Point

Chillout Dubai, Times Square Centre, Ground Level Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Qouz Industrial Area 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dubai’s latest attraction, the Chillout Ice Lounge is a perfect escape from Dubai’s scorching heat. Savor hot beverages and lip-smacking food as you enjoy a few moments in an icy cool environment. The beautiful patterns created by the innovative lighting inside the lounge take your breath away. The ice, glass, and steel structure is quite a marvel in engineering and refrigeration. The latest addition in Dubai’s long list of attractions for the thousands who visit the city every day, Chillout Ice Lounge won’t disappoint you one bit. Slipping into warm clothing and sipping on hot chocolate while taking in the charm of the icy cool climes is absolute bliss in a city as hot and sultry as Dubai.

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