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Abu Dhabi With Family

10 Places To Visit In Abu Dhabi With Family

Abu Dhabi houses some outstanding family-friendly parks, attractions, and activities. Besides, the seamless perfection of history, culture, and technology is worth praising. Therefore, you can tell that Abu Dhabi is a luxury heaven after Dubai due to the glamorous malls, amusement parks, attractions, and more. We made a list of the must-visit family destinations in the city to make your trip fun and memorable.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Indulge in the beauty of Abu Dhabi’s architectural marvel- Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is Abu Dhabi’s one of the much-loved spots and UAE’s largest mosque. The white architecture and majestic dome made it an incarnation of beauty, pride, and peace. Therefore, you must go on a guided tour to enlighten yourself about its historical significance and importance to the locals.

Furthermore, the Kufic calligraphy work across the walls, minarets, and pillars adds an extra oomph. Wait until sunset to experience the charming lunar lighting. It represents the six different phases of the moon.

Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is another worth-visiting attraction in Abu Dhabi with your family. The museum exhibits over 600 unique artworks created by eminent artists- Claude Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, and others. It is more like an art treasure, as priceless artworks from different corners of the world are displayed here.

Furthermore, kids who love art can spend time at the Children’s Museum and attend special workshops. Moreover, you will never get enough of gazing at the architectural work of the museum. The exquisite design of the huge dome creates a magical ‘Rain of Light’ effect inside during the daytime.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is Abu Dhabi’s iconic theme park, perfect for fun and enjoyment. Besides, it is the only Ferrari-theme Park and is one of the best family places to visit. We relate Ferrari cars with ultimate speed and expect to experience the same here. However, basic driving knowledge is compulsory for everyone to make the most of the Ferrari World.

Try riding the quickest and most dangerous roller coaster in the world- Formula Rossa, and experience the true sense of thrill. Furthermore, you must try riding a Ferrari car and speed through the race tracks. However, if you are new to driving, you can let an expert take you for a joyride.

Desert Safari

Desert safari is one of the ideal activities in Abu Dhabi if you are searching for one place to get adventure, thrill, fun, and entertainment. Speed through the gorgeous golden dunes surrounding you in a 4×4 vehicle. Admire the beauty of a breathtaking sunset view across the desert horizon. Besides, you can try other activities, like camel riding, henna tattooing, belly dancing, and more. Finally, end the experience by satiating your hunger with a fulfilling BBQ dinner and refreshing beverages for snacks.

Warner Bros World

Book Warner Bros World tickets and surprise your family with a fun-filled day. Warner Bros World is the biggest indoor theme park in the world. Featuring all the childhood cartoon characters from WB World and DC comics- it is truly a dream come true for many. Therefore, don’t miss taking selfies with your favorite cartoon characters.

Besides, you will find six different themes and 29 different fun and engaging rides. Witness live performances by your favorite cartoon characters, heroes, and villains on a massive WB stage. Buy a token of love from merchandise shops in each zone.

Observation Deck at 300

Like Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the Etihad Towers allow visitors to cherish the breathtaking panoramic views of the Abu Dhabi skyline. Therefore, book tickets to the Observation Deck at 300. It is located on the Etihad Tower’s 74th floor.

Enjoy a praiseworthy view of the city icons- Corniche, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and the beautiful Emirates Palace. Furthermore, cherish the jaw-dropping beauty of the sunrise from here across the city horizon. Relish some freshly brewed coffee and tea at the lounge.

Marina Eye

Another excellent opportunity to enjoy the charming views of the city is riding the Marina Eye. This massive Ferris Wheel rules the city’s skyline and offers stunning views, especially at night. Praise the astounding panoramic beauty of the cityscape, as the shuttle reaches the top.

For an enhanced experience, you can book the Marina Eye VIP capsules. These come with air-conditioned seating space and an audio guide. Therefore, you can relate to each attraction you notice.

Heritage Village

Peek inside the past life of the Emiratis while walking through the ancient rustic roads of the Heritage Village. The fascinating classic art production in progress and the potters molding clay pots is worth looking at. Furthermore, exploring the souks selling indigenous aromatic spices, soaps, and handmade crafts is amazing. Besides, visit the mosque, which is the heart of the village to offer your prayers.

Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium

Another addition to this list is the Al-Ain Zoo and Aquarium. Tucked at the Jebel Hafeet’s foothills, it is a colossal wildlife park and covers 400 hectares of land. The biggest attractions here are the massive cat house, reptile house, and a fascinating monkey compound. Besides, you will also find a huge aquarium and an aviary. It is home to over 4000 different animals.

Wadi Adventure

Beat the summer heat at Abu Dhabi’s Wadi Adventure. It is one of the most worth visiting the best water parks in Dubai and is an offbeat destination (amidst the Abu Dhabi desert). Try rafting through the challenging and gentle waves. Besides, enjoy kayaking through the Wadi Adventure’s own lake. You can try this activity solo or with your family.

Final words

The UAE’s capital city is an extravagant destination filled with everything marvelous. Therefore, we are sure your time with family in Abu Dhabi will be worth remembering, and no dull moment.

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