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Kalba in Sharjah

Kalba in Sharjah

Want to visit a cool tourist attraction that is blessed with natural beauty? Head straight to Kalba, Sharjah and you will not be disappointed. If you are a nature lover this is one place you are going to love without a doubt. Through this blog we are going to share some fabulous information with you so keep reading.

Things To View at Kalba

Here is a list of some places to visit in Kalba. Take a read.

1. Hamad Al Qasimi

This is a museum worth visiting as it is loaded with artifacts that will give you a glimpse into the rich history of the UAE. Adults will have to pay AED5 to enter, but kids can enter without paying any fee.

2. Al Qurum Reserve

This area has a beautiful mangrove forest. Here you can view beautiful animals like Arabian kingfishers and green turtles. This place is often visited by birdwatchers, you can treat yourself to some snacks and beverages at the coffee shop too.

3. Al Hefaiyah Conservation Centre

A visit to this conservation center is a must. You will get to see many different animals spanning 30 different species, you will also get to learn a lot about their behavior patterns too. The guide will explain everything to you in a simple manner. Expect to see animals like hedgehogs, scorpions, lizards, and snakes.

4. Birds Centre

Here you want a falcon show, where the birds perform neat tricks for you. The whole experience is astonishing. The show happens two times a day. This center remains open for 6 days, Mondays are the only days this place stays closed.

Activities To Enjoy At This Place

Looking for exciting things to do in this place? No worries, we have prepared a list of exciting activities that you will enjoy participating in.

1. Angling

The good thing about this is that even if you do not have prior experience, you can still indulge in this. You can also hire tour operators to take you on these tours.

2. Dune Bashing

This is a very popular activity and most tourists love to participate in this. You will get driven around by trained drivers so do not worry about the safety. You must remember that if you suffer from back problems then this activity is not for you.

3. Hiking

If you love hiking, then you are going to love being in this place for sure. You can hire a local guide for the hiking activity and you can be escorted through uncharted routes.

Things You Need To Remember

  • You can show physical affection in public places
  • If you plan to take a swim then you must look out for snakes and jellyfish
  • You must carry sufficient sunscreen when you are hiking
  • You must wear light and comfortable clothes

Ideal Time to Visit Kalba

If you want to avoid the uncomfortable temperatures then you should visit during the winter months.

How to Reach Kalba?

You can reach this place by private vehicle or you can take bus number 63 and 13A.

So what are you waiting for, fix a date and head out with your loved ones to explore the beauty of Kalba, happy traveling!

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