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Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

In case you happen to visit the UAE, then you ought to pay a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque. This mosque will enable you to get a proper glimpse of Islamic architecture and it took inspiration from the Al Azhar mosque in Cairo which is much bigger than that. The Jumeirah Mosque provides a spectacular show when illuminated after dark. The location of this structure is on Jumeirah Beach Road and it is reputed for its magnificent landscape as well as elegant minarets.

Visitors of all religions and cultures are encouraged to visit this majestic structure for the purpose of exploring Islam. Here, we like to mention that the Jumeirah Mosque happens to be the only mosque in the city of Dubai that it is possible for even non-Muslims to visit. Maybe it is the reason why this mosque is photographed the most in the city. It is feasible for as many as 1,300 people to assemble at the mosque at the same time. Tourists will be able to visit the mosque 4 times every week, and it takes approximately 75 minutes for each visit.

Vertical columns provide support to the roof of this elegant structure showcasing the outdated artwork of the area. In fact, visitors are attracted by the splendid qibla wall positioned on the gateway’s opposite side. Prayers can be offered from the mihrab 5 times on a regular basis and its placement is precisely in the middle of the wall.

Highlights of the Jumeirah Mosque

  • The mosque will provide you with tranquil surroundings which will be ideal in case you are in search of a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Being able to provide accommodation to around 1,300 people the Jumeirah Mosque can boast of having some remarkable architectural designs.
  • Here, you will come across a relaxation spot at La Mer which will provide you with a good time.
  • It will be a good idea to visit the mosque at the time of the Ramadan season when it will be feasible to satisfy your taste buds with delicious breakfasts while enriching your knowledge about the Islamic tradition as well.

History of Jumeirah Mosque

It was in the year 1979 that the aforementioned mosque was constructed as a present to HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the present ruler. Being constructed by Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum’s architect, the location of the mosque is close to the desert area. One could not consider Jumeirah to be a deserted place initially at the time of the construction of the mosque. This period witnessed the development of Dubai. As a matter of fact, this place was the habitat of pear hunters and Arab Fishermen at the time of the construction of the mosque. However, the Jumeirah Mosque was demolished and reconstructed in the year 1960.

What is so unique regarding this mosque?

You will come across quite a few beauty clinics in Jumeirah right now that have made this location extremely well-known among tourists. Incidentally, the mosque mentioned here happens to be an interesting point of interest that was built quite a while back. It took 3 years (1976 – 1979) to build the mosque which attracts lots of tourists right now.

There are several causes why Jumeirah Mosque has become so well-known these days. The entire construction has been done from pure-white stone that has been sourced from Syria and Egypt and it is known for its detailed geometric designs. There are a couple of minarets in this mosque framing a central dome and because of this we also call it the “two minaret mosque”. Even though there is adequate space for 1,300 persons inside the mosque for offering prayers, one can also witness people offering prayers from the external areas of the structure on Fridays.

The premises of this holy spot consists of lush green landscaping as well as the mosque itself. There is likewise an indoor majlis along with an external ablution area. One can also witness colored glass windows plus graceful columns and arches within the main prayer hall. The mihrab is positioned on the entrances’ opposite end along with a niche signifying the prayer’s direction. The good thing is that the mosque can boast of having remarkable calligraphy as well as intricate designs that can make you spellbound.

Things to be aware of before visiting the mosque

  • As we have already mentioned, the mosque appears at its best after sunset when the lights are switched on. It is the perfect time to capture some intriguing photos as well.
  • Make sure to put on modest garments while paying a visit to the Jumeirah Mosque. As per the dress code, it is essential for females to make use of a scarf for covering their hair along with their shoulders. It is likewise feasible for tourists to borrow conventional garments from the authorities of the mosque.
  • You will be able to indulge in several activities even after completing your visit to the mosque. For example, it will be a good idea to go shopping at Mercato Mall or enjoy some mouth-watering snacks at eclectic teashops as well. Otherwise, you can also relax at the beach.
  • Prior to heading out to the mosque make sure to be aware of the prayer times in the city of Dubai.

How to reach Jumeirah Mosque

The location of this mosque is at number 1 Jumeirah Beach Road which is in the near vicinity of the beach. There will be no issues in case you take the help of rental vehicles since there are lots of parking facilities available in this area.

  • It will be a sensible idea to make use of the cab due to the fact that Dubai is quite hot. Moreover, one can easily afford cabs without any issues at all.
  • Going by bus will also not be a bad idea. Buses of the following lines will be available for the tourists: 9, F11, X28, and F09. The good thing is that you will go very close to the Jumeirah Mosque in case you go by bus.
  • Here, we like to mention that going by Metro will not be a prudent idea since the nearest Metro stop happens to be at a distance of 3 km from the mosque. However, if you like to travel in and around Dubai then the metro will not disappoint you eventually.

Dress code

  • One needs to cover the arms and legs. It is applicable to men as well as women.
  • One must not put on any shorts going on top of the ankle.
  • It is essential to get rid of the shoes before entering the mosque.
  • One must not wear any see-through garments.
  • It is essential for females to keep their heads covered.

Best time to visit Jumeirah Mosque

It is advisable for any tourist to come to the mosque when it is time for sunset. The sight of the structure being illuminated by the light of the sunset is simply mesmerizing.

Entry fees

One does not need to shell out any money for getting inside the Jumeirah Mosque. Nevertheless, one has to pay AED 25 for every individual for a guided tour.

Tips for visiting the mosque

  • Make certain to arrive at least half an hour before 10 AM at the gate.
  • Enter the mosque on an empty stomach given that breakfast is provided here along with drinks.
  • Even though capturing photos is allowed inside the mosque, one should refrain from taking photos of the local inhabitants.
  • Make sure to stick to the regulations while you are inside the mosque without fail.

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