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Interesting Facts of Palm islands

Interesting Facts of Palm Islands

There is no doubt that Dubai is constantly developing, being the biggest city as well as a significant financial and trade center of the UAE. There are many visitors who come to Dubai every year, and all of them have been surprised by the remarkable plans and achievements of this particular location. Incidentally, there are many points of interest in the city that will captivate the tourists for sure. One of these happens to be the well-known Palm Islands, which we have mentioned in this article.

One can consider the Palm Islands to be the biggest construction project in the city right now. In fact, it is the biggest artificial structure on the planet, which one can see even from space. Al Nakheel Properties planned to invest approximately $7 billion in the construction of the Palm Islands.

Location of the Palm Islands

This group of islands right here has got this name because the shape of each island is like that of a palm tree. It is an amazing experience to behold this beauty from the top. As many as 3 artificial islands comprise the Palm Islands, constructed on the Dubai coast. The names of these incredible islands happen to be the Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, and Deira Islands, which depict engineering brilliance without fail.

However, the construction of only the Palm Jumeirah is complete right now, and its shape resembles a large palm tree with a crescent top. Every single island features amusement and residential centers, much to the satisfaction of the visitors.

One can consider Palm Jumeirah to be the eighth wonder of the planet, stretching approximately 5 km into the Arabian Gulf. Nakheel, a developer owned by the Dubai government, is accountable for building these islands mentioned in this article, including Palm Jumeirah.

Incidentally, the financial crisis in 2008 affected the other two islands, and there is no plan for any further development on Palm Jebel Ali right now. Although the size of Palm Deira was supposed to be much larger than that of Palm Jumeirah, the plans have been scaled back to a great extent at present.

This project, covering 1,530 hectares, consists of residential towers, hotels, a marina, as well as a sprawling mall.

Interesting Facts Regarding the Palm Islands

1. The only completed island right here happens to be Palm Jumeirah

The only completed island right here happens to be Palm Jumeirah, which comprises a central trunk along with as many as 17 branches. A breakwater having the shape of a crescent and spanning 11 kilometers surrounds this central trunk. The approximate dimension of the man-made island is approximately 5-by-5 km, covering an area of approximately 800 soccer fields.

2. One can see it from the space

As already mentioned, the Palm Islands are considered one of the eight wonders of the world, mainly because of some intriguing attractions. One of these happens to be Atlantis, creating an iconic structure. Here, we would like to mention that it is possible to see this well-known attraction even from space thanks to the flawless geometry that helps to make this project unique when it comes to its shape. Get ready to be blown away by these fascinating Burj Khalifa interesting facts.

3. The Palm was created with the help of satellites

Satellites were employed by the engineers for spraying sand with great precision with the help of hi-tech GPS technology. Moreover, the reclaimed land covering 560 hectares was prepared using ground-breaking vibro-compaction technology.

4. Has been made from numerous tonnes of sand and rock

It is interesting to note that the Palm was not created from concrete slabs. On the contrary, it was built from rock that was blasted from the Hajar Mountains, located nearby. Moreover, the island was also formed from as many as 120 million cubic meters of sand sourced from the bottom of the ocean.

5. The Palm Jumeirah is safeguarded by an 11-km breakwater

It is a fact that the inner island has to endure seasonal winds blowing across the Gulf as well as powerful sea currents. Fortunately, the good thing is that the breakwater, which has the shape of a crescent, helps to safeguard this portion of the island from the natural elements in the best possible way. In this way, the island is protected from high waves in the event of any storms or typhoons. The breakwater becomes extremely powerful since it is constructed from geotextile fiber, medium and small rocks, as well as sand.

6. Dubai Shoreline

There has been an increment of approximately 120 km in the Dubai shoreline thanks to the construction of Palm Island. Covering approximately 600 football fields, this island is really massive in size.

7. Thousands of Palm Trees

You will come across more than 12,000 palm trees on Palm Jumeirah, which helps to make it extremely attractive without fail.

8. The primary intention of building these islands was to promote tourism in Dubai

There is a possibility that the oil reserves of the UAE will become exhausted in the future, and the construction of these islands will function as an insurance policy against this possibility.

9. It consumed six years for the construction

It was in 2001 that the construction of this project started, and the first residents of the island moved in after a span of six years. Right now, there are approximately 1,500 beachfront mansions on the 17 fronds, along with as many as 6,000 apartments as well. The Waldorf Astoria and Atlantis The Palm are some of the most significant resorts on the crescent, along with Fairmont, Viceroy, and other brands on the trunk.

10. A couple of more islands had been planned

Even though the construction of Palm Jebel Ali, a bigger island, was started in the year 2002, the financial crisis of 2008 had an adverse effect on it. Even after accomplishing land reclamation, all types of work development plans were halted for the upcoming days. On the other hand, another island was launched in the year 2004 named Palm Deira, which was much bigger than Palm Jumeirah, but that too did not materialize in the long run.

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