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Ever wondered how it would feel to enter a marine life-themed park? Abu Dhabi is bringing a futuristic marine life-themed park soon. It is opening in Yas Island and is a major collaboration with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment. A new opening in the city, this theme park has six different zones. Each has a unique design with an engaging immersive experience. Furthermore, the dynamic habitat of these houses will be the home to different species.

With the Seaworld Abu Dhabi tickets, you can explore the largest and the most expanded aquarium in the world. This aquarium is a natural habitat for approximately 68,000 marine animals. Some common marine species you will spot here include manta rays, sea turtles, sharks, and more. Besides, the Seaworld will be the Emirates’ first massive marine research center to safeguard and rehabilitate these amazing species. It will offer premium facilities to support marine life conservation (regional and global).

Don’t miss ‘One Ocean,’ an interesting story depicting the connection between Earth and underwater. Therefore, it is perfect for every age, especially if you want to enjoy entertainment and thrill.

About Seaworld Admission Tickets

  • Skip the Queue
  • Get direct access to different rides, and attractions

Note: Please note that the ticket doesn’t include the food and drinks.

Seaworld on Yas Island brings you the largest aquarium in the world

The leading creator of various magnetic experiences, Miral is coming up with the latest innovation. Miral partnered with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment to shape the Seaworld Abu Dhabi. A next-gen marine-themed park, it is Yas Island’s biggest development. The park is all set to bring the world’s massive aquarium, which is almost 64% complete.

Furthermore, the partnership confirmed some innovative features for travelers. The main motive behind constructing Abu Dhabi Seaworld is to preserve, research, and rehabilitate local marine life. Moreover, you can expect to get almost all the world-class amenities you can ever think of. It is going to be the first-ever marine world without orcas. Hence, visitors can interact with the animals up close. The mega aquarium will have the latest technologies to engage the visitors.

Miral’s vision is to present Yas Island as the top tourist destination in the world. The collection of attractions made it a record-breaking tourist spot. A few must-visit places are Abu Dhabi, Warner Bros World, Ferrari World, and more.

About the Seaworld Abu Dhabi  Activity

  • Seaworld Abu Dhabi is a new opening in the city. The announcement was made thirty years ago. Finally, it is opening in the city.
  • It is a marine-themed park and is different than other Therefore, it is dedicated to research, resources, conservation, and rehabilitation of marine animals.
  • As it is a marine park, you will find a massive aquarium with all the high-tech features.
  • Furthermore, the park will be built under the Arabian Gulf.
  • Seaworld is divided into six different zones focusing on the connection between humans and the marine world.
  • Get the opportunity to interact with unseen underwater creatures and watch closely the life underneath the water. You will find dolphins, sea turtles, anemones, etc.
  • The administration will send a portion of the ticket booking amount to save and rehabilitate the marine animals.
  • A few fun and thrilling rides are added, like Tidal Twister, Journey to Atlantis, and Infinity Falls.

What is the best time to visit Seaworld?

We are all familiar with the intolerable heat and uncomfortable weather of Abu Dhabi. Although the Seaworld is under construction, the best time to visit is during the early morning hours. During this time, the temperature remains cooler than the rest of the day.

Timings for Seaworld

The park is under construction. Therefore, you have to wait and keep an eye on the updates for the visiting hours.

Cancelation policy

Wait for the park to officially open. Soon you will come to know about the ticket cancelation policies.

FAQs on Seaworld Abu Dhabi 

Q 1. When will Seaworld Abu Dhabi open for visitors?

The Seaworld Abu Dhabi is still under process and will open by this year. The immersive experience is like never before and will engage everyone to widen their knowledge about marine life.

Q 2. What kind of marine creatures we will see here?

Seaworld Abu Dhabi will allow the visitors to interact with the marine animals and observe their behavior. Some noticeable creatures you will find are sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, and more. A professional group of zoologists and marine specialists will be there to encourage the welfare of these creatures.

Q 3. What will be the ticket prices?

The ticket prices will be updated soon. You can check our website for it.

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