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The Museum of Illusions in Dubai beckons you to a world of fantasies, a world of illusions. There’s no end to surprises here as a mind-boggling variety of visual attractions leave you awe-struck. Brace yourself for an experience that is not only bewildering but educational as well. The audio-visual and sensory marvel that the Museum of Illusions is transports you to a world of magic in a truly fascinating journey.

A perfect entertainment zone for people of all ages, the Museum of Illusions with its amazing optical illusions and intriguing puzzles is a test of your wits. Dubai’s most engrossing museum is a truly mesmerizing experience that takes your breath away. It’s the perfect place for a fun outing with your family and friends—an outing filled with dollops of thrill and excitement. Every attraction at the Museum of Illusions is an absolute treat for your eyes.

Museum of Illusions Dubai Tickets Highlights

  • Entry tickets to the Museum of Illusions
  • Skip the waiting queue
  • Opportunity to encounter more than 80 exhibits
  • Explore the limits of human perception of the outside world and check how far the brain can interpret it through a mind-blowing experience.


  • Friday to Sunday: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Monday and Thursday: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

The Highlights

  • With more than 80 immersive exhibits, the Museum of Illusions simply blows you away
  • The Vortex Tunnel takes you on an astounding journey beyond the real world into a land of magic
  • Head on a Platter is truly stunning where you see the head, but not the body
  • The Museum of Illusions challenges the boundaries of what’s possible in a journey to a fantasy world

Know More about the Museum of Illusions

  • The Museum of Illusions is a realization of how the way we sense and perceive things can trick us
  • The Ames Room is a laugh riot where you look like a dwarf or a giant at the same time
  • The playroom at the Museum is especially fascinating and the many games and puzzles there test your thinking skills and educate you as well
  • See your world go topsy-turvy at the Rotating Room
  • Kaleidoscope has you playing with patterns as you try to create images with them
  • The Rotating Cylinder is amazing! You remain steady and the surface stays flat even though you are given the impression that the cylinder is rotating
  • The Anti-Gravity Room gives you the feeling of being in space as there’s no force to keep you rooted to the ground

Important Information

  • Foreign nationals are required to share their passport and visa details
  • Only 54 visitors are allowed to enter at the same time. A single group can have no more than 5 members
  • Visitors aren’t allowed to carry large luggage
  • A valid ID proof (not a PAN card) needs to be furnished at the entrance
  • The tickets for the Museum of Illusions are non-transferable and they are valid only for a single entry
  • Tickets that are stolen or damaged shall not be refunded, exchanged, or replaced under any circumstances whatsoever

How You Can Reach the Museum of Illusions

  • By the Metro: Hop into a train on the Red Line and get off at the Al Fahidi or the Burjuman station. Both the stations are around 3 kilometers away from the museum
  • By Bus: Get off at the Heritage Village stop near Al Bastakiya, only 300 meters away from your destination

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long does it take to cover the Museum of Illusions?

It shouldn’t take more than an hour. That said, there’s every chance that you find some of the exhibits and experiences very interesting and choose to spend more time on them. In such a scenario, you’ll need more than just an hour to cover the Museum of Illusions.

  • How much area does the Museum of Illusions cover and how many exhibits are there?

The Museum of Illusions is spread over a large area of 450 square meters and there are as many as 80 exhibits, each one of them fascinating—a test of your wits and calmness.

  • Is a visit to the Museum of Illusions worth it?

It certainly is. Every exhibit here is an immersive experience. They are amusing and educational as well. It’s a fascinating world of optical illusions that take you on a journey to the world of imagination beyond the realms of reality. A mind-blowing zone that challenges what we feel is possible, the many holograms, installations, images, games, and puzzles divided into the Master, Grand, and Optical Illusions are just fascinating!

  • Are there any age restrictions for any of the exhibits at the Museum of Illusions in Dubai?

There are no age restrictions or requirements whatsoever at any of the exhibits inside the Museum of Illusions. It’s therefore a wonderful place to visit with your kids who are sure to enjoy every moment they spend there. It’s also a great learning experience for the kids and a truly fascinating trip for adults.

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