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Motion Gate Theme Park Tickets


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Want to have a fun day out with the kids and your spouse? Brilliant, then you would need to sign up for a tour of the enchanting Motion Gate theme park. This is a world of magic and delights for your kids and you. This is located in the Dubai Resort and it is an absolute thrill to visit, you must include this on your list of places to visit in Dubai. This park boasts magnificent technology and entertainment. Once you tell your kids about this place, they will be ecstatic to visit here. Are you very eager to learn more about this place? Well, keep reading as we divulge some interesting titbits on this place.

What Can You Expect In This Motion Gate Theme Park?

Well, this park has the best of everything and you are going to have a whale of a time here. Do you love shopping and grabbing a bite to eat? Then perhaps you should visit places like Lens Flair, Shrey Shack, Smurfy Café, Dragon Grill, Ping Shop, and Hotel Beastro. You are going to love the old-world charm of these places.

The park has more than 30 exhilarating rides that will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times. There is not a speck of doubt that you are going to love and remember your time in this park for an entire lifetime. The park is divided into 5 different zones and each of these zones is very unique in its own way so it will spare you the rinse-and-repeat experience. So, book your tickets fast if you wish to avoid disappointment.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Enter The Park

  • Tickets that are confirmed and booked cannot be put forward for cancellation
  • You have to produce proper Proof of identity
  • Kids up to the age of 2 years need not pay any entry fees
  • You cannot bring knives, alcohol, luggage, lighters, and any sharp objects into the park

Our Policies On Confirmation

  • If you have selected some slots that are not available then we will assign different ones to you
  • You will receive a confirmation in 1 working hour from your booking

Cancellation Policy

  • Tickets once booked cannot be cancelled at all

FAQs on Motion Gate Theme Park Tickets

Is Photography Allowed Inside The Park

Yes, you are allowed to click photographs inside the park so do keep your phone or camera close to you as you will find many scenic corners for that perfect shot or selfie.

 Is The Park Child Friendly?

The park is child friend friendly and there are tons of rides that will enjoy taking with you. If you do bring your kids, they need to be supervised at all times.

What Can You See In The Park?

This park has everything you ever dreamed of, you will get the chance to take fun rides and also get to eat delicious meals at the restaurants here.

How Can You Get To This Park?

For shared transfer, you will have to get in touch with the front desk of your hotel. Otherwise, you can take a metro or drive down to this park.

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