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Dubai would never cease to amaze you. Be it the futuristic attractions, the huge shopping malls, or slices of traditional Arabian life – visitors to Dubai are always in for various types of treats. A wide range of the most splendid amusement parks are also to be seen in Dubai. And one of the most famous among these parks is the Laguna Water Park.

Trip Overview

Located in the heart of the La Mer locality of Jumeirah, the Laguna Water Park is a top tourist destination in Dubai. The park is very close to the pristine beaches of Jumeirah – attractions by themselves. Laguna Water Park would welcome you with its array of some of the best water rides in the world. Lap up the enjoyment here with your friends and family as you experience time spent here like never before.

What’s there for You Here?

Well, a lot. Get into the raft for a most exciting ride with your friends and family. Once you are done with the ride, it’s time for some thrills & chills. Get into surfboarding. And why wouldn’t you? The world’s largest flowrider – the WaveOz Flowrider – is calling you. Hop into it and zoom almost 200 feet high from one wall to another – aided by a mind-boggling 180-degree slide.

After all of hat thrill, it might be time for some relaxation. Yes, there are ample scopes at the Laguna Water Park for that. Relax in the lazy river and watch the activities of the other tourists. Have kids in the group? Then let them frolic in the water and learn some basic swimming. You take it easy and catch your breath after that pulsating flowrider experience.

There are more opportunities to chill out and relax here. There is a huge water area here, just next to the beachfront. It’s known as the Infinity Pool. Spend some time here, enjoying the inactivity, as the hustle and bustle of revelers continue unabated all around you. A perfect way to recharge your batteries before the next thrill ride!

Yes – another pulsating activity awaits you here. And that is the Free Fall. It’s a capsule that tumbles down at breakneck speed, hurtling into the water below and splashing water all around. It’s a heart-in-the-mouth activity. But trust us – you are going to love the pure adrenaline rush that comes with this activity. Not to mention the immense fun that also accompanies it.

And while you are at it, you must also check out the Constrictor – among the most thrilling rides here. You would enter a tunnel that is dark – and also has a lot of optical illusions to test your observation skills. Feel the walls of the tunnel closing in on you as you hurtle down to the waters below. A thrill fest in every sense of the term.

Hop into the Loop. You would keep turning and tossing around in the circular tunnel as you keep sliding down to the pool below. And you must not miss the Manta. Get into the circular raft and let it twist and turn uncontrollably as you embark on a pure adrenaline pumping ride. Drop on to the Manta wing and experience free falling – and seconds later, you make a big splash as you land into the pool below!

Well – by now, you might have had enough of the thrill fest. Time for some relaxation again, for good. Unwind yourself in the cabanas with a chilling mocktail or fruit juice. Cool yourself in the shades. And then, it’s time to fill your tummy. There are multiple gastronomic options for you here. Stuff yourself to your heart’s content before you bid goodbye to the Laguna Water Park.

Key Points

  • The park is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.
  • To reach the park, you can take the metro to Business Bay station and hop into a taxi from there
  • Please keep your passport handy at all times

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