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If you are in the UAE with a visa that will expire shortly or you hold a UAE resident visa that has expired recently with the grace period remaining the same, you may opt for the Airport to Airport visa change service and have your visa extended. Opting to switch to a new visa by availing of the Airport to Airport visa option allows you to stay back in the UAE without breaking immigration laws. This service is offered by local tour companies on a regular basis in collaboration with Jazeera Airways, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, or other airlines operating here. People are allowed to avail of this facility only at the airports of Dubai and Sharjah. You shall have to fly out of Dubai or Sharjah to any airport close by like Muscat, Bahrain, Sohar, Salalah, or Kuwait to get an Airport to Airport visa. Your new visa is approved while you wait in one of the airports nearby with which you can re-enter the UAE through Dubai and Sharjah.

With the Airport to Airport visa option, you can avoid the expensive affair of having to fly all the way back to your home country. You can obtain a new tourist visa smoothly simply by flying to any airport in any neighboring country and waiting there. It lets you save both money and time. Renewing your visa by traveling from an airport to another airport nearby is far less expensive than changing or extending your visa by having to stay in any particular neighboring country.

The Highlights of Airport to Airport Dubai Visa Change

  • The A2A visa option allows you to change your status easily without having to face any hassles
  • Using the A2A visa renewal facility, you can avoid having to fly back to your own country
  • It’s a very easy process for visa renewal
  • Same-day delivery can be arranged for those on tourist visas
  • The wait time at the airport, before the visa is issued, is a maximum of 48 hours

The Inclusions

  • Return air tickets to any of the neighboring GCC countries
  • You can carry handbags not weighing more than 7 kilos
  • The Dubai e-visa airport authorities shall email you the visa on your registered email ID

The Exclusions

No meals, water, hotel accommodation or transportation between the airports, or any airport fees are included in the package. Your airline tickets, luggage fees, or any other allied fees aren’t included either.

Important Information

  • Before you fly out of the UAE to have your existing visa renewed, you should carry your original passport, copies of your visa, and some cash you can deposit with the authorities when asked for
  • Before you board the aircraft, in case you have overstayed, you’ll have to commit to paying the overstay fine
  • Before you fly out of the UAE, your passport should have a validity of at least 6 months for it to be stamped
  • Be sure to reach the airport at least three hours before your flight is scheduled to take off
  • After you have paid the required amount, get the “Visa Change” and “Okay to Accept Pax” stamps on your ticket
  • After you get the boarding permit, get the UAE exit stamp on your passport. You’ll need to submit it as early as possible after the receipt.
  • You are required to wait at the Dubai or Sharjah airport for a maximum of 48 hours for your new UAE visa to be issued

The Airport to Airport or the A2A Visa Change facility offers you the convenience of having your UAE visa renewed without you having to fly back all the way to your home. By availing this option, you can avoid the overstay fine and it also lets you save a lot of money and time. This facility has come as a boon for those who for some unforeseen reasons may have to stay back in the UAE longer than they had planned to. You’ll only have to take a flight to any neighboring GCC country and wait there while your visa is processed at the Dubai or Sharjah airport.

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